Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thanks for the memories....

Dear Friends and Customers,

Well, you may have already heard but the lovely site of the collective is going to be re-developed later this year. So we have accepted the upcoming change and are packing it up! But not before one last goodbye and an exciting sale which will help us personally say thanks to all of you. Don't worry, SPUN will still be available online as well as select retailers. All of the other artists and designers that have been featured here at the collective are also still doing what they's just the store that is closing up.

Please join us for the SPUN Sample Sale on August 11th. This is also our last day open so we're just going to call it a Closing/Sample Sale! Doors will open at 11am and we'll be here until 7pm. Please come by and see us and more importantly, save up to 90% off on old stock, one-offs, samples and a bunch of other goodies in the store. 

Thank you again for your love and support of all of us here at SPUN Sustainable Collective. The experience has been truly invaluable and we appreciate every single one of you. Please continue to support SPUN and other independent designers because without you, we can't continue. Here's to the next chapter! xo, Sara