Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I love Adam Carolla

What?!? Yeah, it's true! I really love Adam Carolla!

So why? Well, why not?!?

Adam Carolla is hilarious, smart and he spits out life lessons and advice worth taking. I can't tell you how many times a day I either quote something he has said or have giggle aftershocks from a joke he made earlier. His beliefs aren't always in line with mine but I do agree 100% with him on one thing: people will work harder if they don't have a safety net. Think about it. If you knew that there was no one to help you at the end of the month when rent is due and no one to take you in, wouldn't you work hard and make sure that you pay your rent? Of course he's talking about the welfare system and most of the other hand-outs that people feel entitled to. But to me, his message is clear. Work your ass off and only count on yourself.

Unfortunately, his sarcasm is sometimes mistaken as racism, bigotry, misogynistic or homophobic. As a daily listener to his podcast and a fan since 1995 (Loveline days), I assure you that he is none of those things.

What he is is a man who was fired from a radio job three years ago. He decided that rather than trying to get a new gig and work for "the man", he would build his own empire (his pirate ship). After working his ass off and building his own studio, he's got the #1 podcast in the US. And I admire that!

Adam Carolla Show

He has an iPhone app which allows you to listen to his daily (5 days a week plus bonuses) podcasts plus the podcasts of others in his network (ACE Broadcasting). Very few podcasters record as many as he does. This man is dedicated! Yes it's a business and yes he makes money in ad sales but he sincerely wants his friends and others in the business to succeed. His supportive attitude is another plus!

He's also madly in love with his kids and wife, Lynette. He makes mistakes (listen to his wife's podcast for examples) but his comedy and love wins me over every time. And she's hilarious too! Is it weird that I want to be her friend?

how cute are they?!?

If you haven't given Adam a listen yet, please do it! Download the app or just listen online. Give it two listens and if your day isn't just a little brighter, leave me a comment here to discuss. Actually, leave me a comment anyway because I like comments! :)