Tuesday, September 3, 2013

They love me...they REALLY love me!

It took a lot of self talks and encouragement from friends but I decided to send in my portfolio and compete for this year's "Seamless in Seattle" competition. And guess what.... I WON!!! *insert weird over joyous laugh here*

In it's 6th year, Seattle Magazine's "Seamless in Seattle" competition highlights some of our city's independent fashion and accessory designers. I was selected in the "Best Established Designer" category and I can't tell you how good it feels! Being featured (it's a full page spread people!) gave me the confidence I've been lacking since I went on hiatus last year. I find myself filled with tons of positive joo joos and the inspiration to get back to doing what I love! Thanks Seattle Magazine!

The competition is still open for the "Reader's Choice" portion, so take look at the entries and place your votes HERE