Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meet The Collective: Elle B. Designs

The newest artist to join the collective is Laura Greenamyer. She's a lovely lady who lives around the corner from the store and has been coming by since we opened. She was always telling me about her jewelry line until one day we decided that it just makes sense to have her pieces in the store.

Stones Bracelet $89
What I like about Laura is her use of Silver. She mainly uses Precious Metal Clay (PMC) which is the recycled material left over from photographic and x-ray film processing. The fine powdered pure silver particles recovered from the photo developing process are mixes into a binder, forming a clay-like material. Once a piece is made from the clay and air dried, is is fired in a kiln over 1500F degrees. The binder holding the metal particles burns off and the particles fuse together. When the object cools it is solid metal, 99.9% silver (Fine Silver).
Leaf Earrings $52
Laura also uses sterling silver as well as gold filled silver in her pieces. She takes her inspiration from nature, growing up in Hawaii, moving to Arizona and finally settling down in Seattle. The tropical plants and the ocean of Hawaii mixed with the cacti and desert of Arizona and the pine trees and rain of the Pacific Northwest are all apparent in her designs.

Floral Square Earrings $32

Alpha Dog Chain $45

Square Stone Earrings $48

Wood Print Necklace $32

Laura makes all the items by hand, in Seattle, with high quality materials, attention to detail, and a lot of love! Come by and take a look at her full collection at SPUN Sustainable Collective.

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