Saturday, January 28, 2012

Crazy Pinning!

It seems that by the time we start getting used to a new app or social networking program/site, a new one comes along. Usually it takes me a while to start up with a new site but there is one that got my attention right away.

If you have already spent some time on Pinterest, then you know what I'm talking about. It's pretty much the answer to all of my prayers. Something that I never thought could exist or be as easy as it is. Talk to anyone who has been on Pinterest and they can tell you how addictive it is!

Pinterest is a social networking site that lets you create pinboards and dictate each one as a different interest. From there, each time you find something on the internet that you want to bookmark, you can pin it to the pinboard that falls under one of your catergories or interests. You can also just upload images straight from your computer. For example: if you're perusing a fashion site and find a dress that you love, you can pin it to your "have to buy" pinboard. Pinterest will keep the image and link to the image in your pinboard. Easy peasy!

The social part of Pinterest comes when others in the community find your image and can either comment, like or even re-pin it to their own board. Often times, I find myself spending an hour just re-pinning things that I see rather than adding my own!

Pinterest is currently by invitation only meaning that you have to apply to get access. However, I got mine in about 10 minutes and I've heard that the longest wait time is just a couple of days. Members can also invite friends to join with a special code. If you're interested in joining Pinterest and would like an invite, feel free to email us and we will send one out to you right away!

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  1. I was just pinning, but I stopped to read you're post. Great write up for anyone wondering what its all about.
    Ok going back to pinning. ;)