Monday, December 13, 2010

Meet the Collective: Twig

If you're like me then it takes a whole lot for you to switch makeup brands. The last time I tried a new line was probably 5 years ago! And even then I felt like I was making a BIG mistake.

So when the lovely Cara Hellings of Twig Cosmetics joined the collective, I felt pretty horrible for not being able to support her line. Her packaging was adorable, her story was great and did I mention that she's super nice? I mean, she really has everything going for her! I am a horrible humanbeing for not giving her line a chance! But then I did.
Last week, while dusting the merchandise in the shop, I tried on one of the Twig lip stains. The "Azalea" color looked rather nice on me and stayed put all day. It had a minty fresh scent and it didn't dry out my lips.

Twig Lip Stains $20

The next day, I decided to go through the powder foundations and see if any of them were even my color. I mean, I already tried on a lip stain so might as well see if Cara did a good job with the other products in her line. I tried the "3W" powder foundation which she notes as being a warm medium color. I usually use the other powder foundation brand which advertises on tv and like the coverage that the minerals give me. Twig also gives that UV protection that a girl my age needs. I used a little on my forehead and then under my eyes. Wow! It not only does it blend really well but doesn't give me a shiny face like the other brand I thought I loved. I don't even need to use a lot because just a little dab on my brush gives me a whole lot of coverage. It didn't feel heavy so I moved on to the rest of my face and my neck. It was still morning so the big test was whether or not it can stay put all day until it's time to wash it off.

Twig Powder Foundation $35

The answer is YES! Not only did it stay put but it looked exactly like it did when I first put it on that morning! I am hooked! Congrats to Cara for doing an amazing job of convincing me that Twig has what it takes to make me switch brands!

Come by the store and check out Cara's line of chemical free cosmetics. The line includes lip stains, powder foundation, liquid foundation, setting powder and cheek powder. I know that Twig will make you switch from your brand just like it made me! xoxo, Sara

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  1. I am BLUSHING (no pun intended)! XOXO

    Thanks Sara!