Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meet the Collective: Marian Built

Just about every person that walks into the store for the first time comments on our lighting. They ask us where we got them and who makes them.

Chandelier and Pendant Lights
Our lights, along with just about all the other furnishings have been custom made for us by the rediculously talented Michael Marian. Every one of his pieces is made by hand using reclaimed materials which are a part his personal collection. He's probably a borderline hoarder but he can't pass up a good find!

Coffee Table $800
Dressing Room Door w/Vintage Track & Reclaimed Door
We sell the individual pendant lights at the store. Each Mason Jar light includes a light bulb and hook which allows you to plug it in and hang it wherever you like. Perfect for over a kitchen counter, table or above your nightstand next to the bed. Choose from a black or white cord and 25watts or 40 watts. Buy one for $40 or more than 1 for $35/each.

Mason Jar Light Michael Marian
Mason Jar Light

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  1. That is a cool light. When I own my own home I will get one or two.