Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day For Picky Moms

If you're like me, then you dread Mother's Day coming around every year. Unlike my mom's birthday, Mother's Day feels like my chance to show my mom what a great mom she is and how much I love her. I seem to mess it up every year since she kindly asks me for a gift receipt a few minutes after opening up what I thought was "the perfect gift".

This year, I hope to live up to her expectations and not hear her say the dreaded gift receipt question. I'm lucky to have a shop full of beautiful clothes, jewelry and gifts to pick from so I intend to make this Mother's Day special.

Here are some of my picks for your mom (all available at SPUN Sustainable Collective):

Organic Cotton Apron (By: A Greener Kitchen)
Book Necklaces (By: Nico Papergoods)

Spiral Notebook (By: Nico Papergoods)

Travel Journal - includes pencil & bookmark (By: Nico Papergoods)

Photo Frame (By: Nico Papergoods)
Braided Leather Bracelet (By: Dottyspeck)

Robin Egg Magnesite Necklace (By: Joanna Morgan Designs)

Cloud, Wishbone & Tear Necklaces (By: Dottyspeck)

Onyx and Silver Necklace (By: Joanna Morgan Designs)

Green Aventurine Teardrop Earrings (By: Joanna Morgan Designs)
Three Strands Agate & Wood Necklace
(By: Joanna Morgan Designs)

Sprig Necklaces (By: Dottyspeck)

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