Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let the Construction Begin

Today was the first official day of the store! All that really means is that the lease on the space officially starts today so we have to get cracking! I had to meet the contractor and sign off on the final plans for the build out of the store. Here's some pictures of the inside of our new space as it is right now:

I realized that there are lots of people walking by during the day on Capital Hill. So I decided to get busy on a little craft project and cover the windows with kraft paper. I had a lot of fun putting up some descriptive words to help let people know what's in store. Here's a quick look:

If you're in the neighborhood, please walk, drive or bike by the store and let me know what you think of the windows!



  1. EEee! SO exciting Sara! Can't wait to shop at SPUN! :D

  2. Thanks Marlo! You should really come's been way too long! :)