Thursday, November 4, 2010

Meet the Collective: Plaid Doctrine

Are you excited for the SPUN Sustainable Collective yet?!?

Let's keep this train rollin and introduce you to another member of the Collective. This amazing lady takes her style and creative eye to something practical yet incredibly hard to find in fashionable, trendy form.

I present to you Suzanne Park and Plaid Doctrine!

Plaid Doctrine founder Suzanne Park is on a mission to rid the world of boring, black, clunky laptop bags.

The Plaid Doctrine debut collection features vintage-inspired bags built for modern times — with high performance fabrics (made from recycled bottles) and prime vegetable-tanned leather. Using water- and stain-resistant materials, they don’t have the “recycled look” suffered by other eco-conscious bags.

Suzanne’s collection also includes locally sewn, eco-friendly iPad sleeves and purse organizers.

To minimize its carbon footprint, nearly all of Plaid Doctrine’s materials are sourced domestically, and 100% of its goods are manufactured in the USA.

Suzanne lives in Kirkland, loves Cadbury Mini Eggs, and wishes she was a better banjo player.

You are doing the tech-savvy, stylish world a great favor, Suzanne. THANK YOU!


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