Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meet the Collective: Cameron Levin

Greetings SPUN fans!

While Sara is busy teetering on the edge of madness, I'm stepping in as HBIC (head bloggess in charge) to fill you in on all the greatness that is coming to SPUN Sustainable Collective. Sara is one of my nearest and dearest friends and it's my pleasure to be blogging for all of you who are supporting her as well. I'm so happy to see her making her dream a reality and could not be any more honored to guest blog for her. HI!


Enough about me. I'm not nearly as talented as our next featured designer, Cameron Levin.

Cameron Levin is a Seattle-based fashion designer and fashion writer. She designs couture cocktail dresses and ballgowns that are all hand-draped and made out of fine, natural and sustainable fabrics. She has been featured in Seattle Magazine, Seattle Fashion Week, Seattle Met Magazine blog, the Seattle Art Museum and her "Jewels" collection was featured in an oil painting series by popular Seattle city-scape and portrait artist, Ethan Jack Harrington. Her newest collect, Yarok, Hebrew for "green", will be featured in the 3rd annual EcoLavish Fashion Show, the Pacific Northwest's only "green" fashion show - and now you can find her designs at SPUN Sustainable Collective.

photo by Arthur Schwab. model: Anna Cain

Cameron works exclusively with fine, natural textiles, and hand-sculpts and constructs her own designs. All garments are available in any size, with the requisite of a client fitting. Prices vary. She is also available for select commission works.

photo by Arthur Schwab. model: Anna Cain

To read her shopping and fashion-related works, visit and

Cameron's got you covered for all of your holiday party hopping this season. Check out her collections online - then swoop into the store and view her designs up close & personal!




  1. Love Love Love! All of you ladies are so talented... can't wait to visit!

  2. gorgeous photos! Can't wait for Eco-Lavish...