Saturday, July 2, 2011

Holiday Craft Project

It's a holiday weekend and aside from working at the store today, I just might have a little time on my hands. What better way to spend it than to make something sweet and crafty?

Here at SPUN Sustainable Collective, we carry lots of decorative garlands made by the multi-talented Andrea of Nico Papergoods

89" Garland $15

89" Garland $15
Keeping up with the same theme, I found a really great blog filled with a ton of fun craft projects called Madigan Made. I was especially inspired by her Summer selection of easy ideas. Here are some pics from her Simple Fourth of July Garland project:

Check out the chalkboard quote!

Sew easy!
Sew pretty!
Do you feel inspired yet? Go out and make something....or just kick back, relax and enjoy the holiday!

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