Friday, July 22, 2011

Meet the Collective: Alki Apparel

Another week, another new designer at the collective....that's how we roll!

So what's better than shopping local and from independant designers? Being able to find something for the man in your life while shopping for yourself! #winning

This is Scott from "Alki Apparel" and
he enjoys paddleboarding in his lounge shorts

Sometimes you just need to get in your comfy clothes and let the body take a breather. Like any man, Scott just wanted a pair of airy cotton shorts to wear in the heat of Summer. All he found were cut off sweatpants or workout shorts. So he decided that if no one else was making him what he wanted, he would get it done himself!

Park Louge Shorts - Willow Green $48
Fancy Backside

Pioneer Lounge Shorts - Alaska Blue $48
Pioneer Lounge Shorts - Sand $48
Don't waste any more time ladies and gentleman! These shorts are only available in limited quantities so if you miss out, don't say we didn't warn you! Be a winner and come buy a pair!

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