Friday, June 29, 2012

Attn: Artists and Designers

SPUN Sustainable Collective is always seeking new indie designers, keeping our store's offerings fresh and making our customers happy. One of the biggest challenges about being a designer is breaking into the business. It's not only expensive and risky but also very difficult. SPUN Sustainable Collective helps support designers by providing them with shelf/rack space in a well-located store. We also help gain you exposure through marketing and business assistance, leaving you to focus on growing your brand. By joining SPUN Sustainable Collective, you are given your own shelf/rack space, personal bio about you and your label and are included in all of the collective's marketing outreach.

SPUN Sustainable Collective features designers who are creative, innovative and make quality products. If you are serious about your work and would like to join us at the collective, please contact SPUN designer, Sara Seumae to make an appointment.

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